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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable IX Chapter 28

by PastorWilliams on January 7th, 2014

1 “And out of the eleventh mountain, which was filled with fruitful trees, various kinds of fruit being born, those who believe such are these. 2 Those who suffered for the name of the Son of God, which also readily suffered out of their whole heart and handed their souls over.” 3 I said, “For what reason, then, do the trees have fruits, but some of them are more beautiful than others?” He said, “Listen, those who suffered on account of the name, they are glorious before God, and all their sins have been forgiven, because they suffered on account of the name of the Son of God. And for this reason their fruit is plentiful, and some having more than others, listen.” 4 He said, “As many before authority were brought forth who were tortured and did not deny, but suffered readily, these are more glorious before the Lord; these fruit are surpassing; but as many as become cowards and in uncertainty became lost and considered in their hearts, whether they should deny or confess, and they suffered, their fruits are less, because this desire arose in their heart; for this desire is evil, so that the slave denies his own lord. 5 Therefore you yourself saw these being cast out, no longer this desire may remain in your hearts and you will die to God. But you who are suffering on account of the name to be glorify God you owe, because God has accounted you worthy, so that this name you were baptized and all of your sins will be healed. 6 Therefore do not consider yourself blessed; but think you have done a great work, if some of you have suffered for God’s sake. The Lord will bestow life on you, and you will not perceive it; for your sins have weighed you down, and except you suffer on account of the Lord’s name, by reason of your sins you had died to God. 7 I say these things to you who waver between denial and confession; confess, because you have the Lord, no longer denying you will be handed over to prison. 8 If the Gentiles punish their slaves, if someone denies his lord, what do you think the Lord will do to you, who has all authority? Do away with these desires from your hearts, so that you may always live to God.”

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