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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable IX Chapter 30

by PastorWilliams on January 11th, 2014

1 He said, “Listen, also concerning all these things. The stones taken from the plain and placed into the building of the tower against those that had been cast out, they are the roots of the white mountain. 2 Therefore when the believers, out of the white mountain were all found guiltless, the Lord of the tower ordered these out of the roots of this mountain to be put into the building of the tower; for I know, that, if these stones were brought into the building of the tower, they would remain bright and none of them would be blackened. 31 But if he added from other mountains, he would have been obliged to visit the tower again, and to purify it. Now all these have been found white, those who believe and who are about to believe; for they are out of his kind. Blessed is this kind, because it is guileless. 4 Listen now also concerning the round and bright stones. And all of these are out of the white mountain. Now here wherefore they have been found round. Their riches have darkened and obscured them a little from the truth. 5 When therefore the Lord percieved their mind, that they could favor the truth, and likewise remain good, He commanded their possessions to be cut off from them, Yet not to be taken away altogether, so that they might be able to do some good with that which has been left to them, and might live to God for that they come of a good kind. So therefore they have been cut away a little, and placed in the building of this tower”.

1Textual note: Lake’s text of the Shepherd of Hermas moves to primarily Latin at this point with a few Greek lines interspersed. In this italicized section (Parable IX 30:3-X 4:5), I have updated the language of Lightfoot’s 1889 translation.

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