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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable IX Chapter 31

by PastorWilliams on January 11th, 2014

1 “But the others, which have remained round and have not been fitted into the building, because they have not yet received the seal, have been replaced in their own possession, for they were found very round.  2 For this world and the vanities of their possessions must be cut off from them, and then they will fit into the kingdom of God. For it is necessary that they should enter into the kingdom of God; because the Lord has blessed this innocent kind. Of this kind then not one will perish. youa, even yough any one of them being tempted by the most wicked devil have committed any fault, he will return speedily to his Lord. 3 I, the angel of repentance, pronounced you all to be blessed, whoever of you are guileless as infants, because your part is good and honorable in the sight of God. 4 Moreover I bid all of you, whoever have received this seal, keep guilelessness, and bear no grudge, and continue not in your wickedness nor in the memory of the offenses of bitterness; but become of one spirit, and heal these evil clefts and take them away from among you, that the owner of the flocks may rejoice concerning them. 5 But He will rejoice, if He finds everything whole, and not scattered, woe to the shepherds it will be. 6 But if also these shepherds may be found scattered, how will they answer to the master of the shepherds? Because by the sheep they were harassed? They will not be believed; for it is an unbelievable thing for a shepherd by his sheep to suffer; but rather he will be punished on account of his falsehood. And I am the Shepherd, and it behooves me most strongly to render an account for you.”

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