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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable IX Chapter 32

by PastorWilliams on January 12th, 2014

1 “Amend yourselves therefore, while the tower is still in course of building. 2 The Lord dwells in men that love peace; for to Him peace is dear; but from the contentious and them that are given up to wickedness He keepeth afar off. Restore therefore to Him your spirit whole as you received it. 3 For suppose you have given to a fuller a new garment whole, and desirest to receive it back again whole, but the fuller give it back to you torn, will you receive it thus? will you not at once blaze out and attack him with reproaches, saying; “The garment which I gave you was whole; wherefore have you rent it and made it useless? See, by reason of the rent, which you have made in it, it cannot be of use.” will you not then say all this to a fuller even about a rent which he has made in your garment? 4 If therefore you are thus vexed in the matter of your garment, and complain because you receive it not back whole, what do you think the Lord will do to you, He, Who gave you the spirit whole, and you have made it absolutely useless, so that it cannot be of any use at all to its Lord? For its use began to be useless, when you corrupted it. Will not therefore the Lord of this spirit for this your deed punish [you with death]?” 5 “Certainly,” I said, “all those, whomsoever He will find continuing to bear malice, He will punish.” “Trample not,” said he, “upon His mercy, but rather glorify Him, because He is so long-suffering with your sins, and is not like to you. Therefore practice repentance which is expedient for you.

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