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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable IX Chapter 33

by PastorWilliams on January 13th, 2014

1 “All these things which are written above I, the Shepherd, the angel of repentance, have declared and spoken to the servants of God. If then you will believe and hear my words, and walk in them, and amend your ways, you will be able to live. But if you continue in wickedness and in bearing malice, no one of this kind will live to God. All things which were to be spoken by me have (now) been spoken to you.” 2 The Shepherd said to me, “have you asked me all your questions?” And I said, “Yes, Lord.” “Why then have you not inquired of Me concerning the shape of the stones placed in the building, in that we filled up their shapes?” And I said, “I forgot, Lord.” 3 “Listen now,” said he, “concerning them. These are they that have heard My commandments now, and have practiced repentance with their whole heart. So when the Lord saw that their repentance was good and pure, and that they could continue therein, He ordered their former sins to be blotted out. These shapes then were their former sins, and they have been chiseled away that they might not appear.”

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