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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable X Chapter 2

by PastorWilliams on January 15th, 2014

1 I say to him; “Ask Him, Lord, Himself, whether from the time that He has been in my house, I have done anything out of order, whereby I have offended Him.” 2 “I myself know,” said He, “that you have done nothing out of order, nor are about to do so. And so I speak these things to you, that you may persevere. For He has given a good account of you to me. Therefore, you will speak these words to others, that they too who have practiced or will practice repentance may be of the same mind as you are; and He may give a good report of them to Me, and I to the Lord.” 3 “I too, Lord,” I say, “declare to every man the mighty works of the Lord; for I hope that all who have sinned in the past, if they hear these things, will gladly repent and recover life.” 4 He says, “Continue therefore¬† in this ministry, and complete it to the end. For whosoever fulfill His commandments will have life; yea such a man (will have) great honor with the Lord. But whosoever keep not his commandments, fly from their life, and oppose Him, and follow not His commandments, but deliver themselves over to death; and each one becomes guilty of his own blood. But I encourage you to obey these commandments, and you will have a remedy for your sins.

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