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Translation: Shepherd of Hermas Parable X Chapter 4

by PastorWilliams on January 17th, 2014

1 He said then to me, “Conduct yourself1 like a man in this ministry; declare to every man the mighty works of the Lord, and you will have favor in this ministry. Whosoever therefore will walk in these commandments, will live and be happy in his life; but whosoever will neglect them, will not live, and will be unhappy in his life. 2 Charge all who are able to do right, that they cease not to practice good works; for it is useful for them. I say moreover that every man ought to be rescued from misfortune; for he that has need, and suffers misfortune in his daily life, is in great torment and want. 3 Whosoever therefore rescues from need2 a life of this kind, wins great joy for himself. For he who is harassed by misfortune of this sort is afflicted and tortured with equal torment as one who is in chains. For many men on account of calamities of this kind, because they can bear them no longer, lay violent hands on themselves. He then who knows the calamity of a man of this kind and rescues him not, commits great sin, and becomes guilty of the man’s blood. 4 Do therefore good works, whoever of you have received (benefits) from the Lord, lest, while you delay to do them, the building of the tower be completed. For it is on your account that the work of the building has been interrupted. Unless then you hasten to do right, the tower will be completed, and you shut out.” 5 When then he had finished speaking with me, he rose from the couch and departed, taking with him the shepherd and the virgins. However, He said to me, that He would send the Shepherd and the virgins back again to my house.

1Lightfoot uses “Quit you” instead of “conduct yourself.”

2Lightfoot uses “penury” instead of “need.”

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