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2014 Circuit Convocation

by PastorWilliams on September 9th, 2014

Pipestone Circuit Convocation

When:  Sunday, September 21, from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Where: Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

1102 7th Avenue SW

Pipestone MN


Members of the ten congregations belonging to the Pipestone Circuit will gather at Our Saviour’s for the Circuit Convocation. The special guest speaker is Rev. Dr. Gary Zieroth, senior pastor at St. John, Chaska, MN. Rev. Zieroth has a special interest in what the Bible teaches concerning  marriage, family and the passing on of the Christian faith. The title of his presentation is “Family Heritage: Passing on the Right Stuff”.

Dinner and desert will be served following the presentation. If your congregation would please consider donating two pies it would be greatly appreciated. Just let Pastor know that you would like to donate a pie (hopefully attend too!). Volunteers to prepare, serve, etc. are also gladly accepted.



  • What is a Circuit? A Circuit is a geographical grouping of congregations within the District. The Circuit is often named after the largest city/town represented. Hence, our congregation is in the Pipestone Circuit.
  • Who are the congregations in our Circuit? The ten congregations in our Circuit are: St. Paul’s, Fulda; Zion, Hardwick; St. James, Holland; Trinity, Jasper; St. John, Luverne; Good Shepherd, Marshall; Our Saviour’s, Pipestone; St. Paul, Pipestone; Trinity, Slayton; and St. John, Trosky.
  • What is a Convocation? The Circuit Convocation is held every three years as part of our three-year cycle of Synod government. We meet at the Circuit level in the first year, the District Convention in the second year, and the Synod Convention in the third year. The Convocation is an opportunity to bring the ten congregations of the Pipestone Circuit together for fellowship, education, and general discussion. “Family Heritage: Passing on the Right Stuff” is a topic that covers all three of these purposes. It is relevant to all of us because this is a responsibility that we all share. The health of our congregations depends upon all of us using what God has given us personally and corporately to pass our faith onto our families and neighbors.     The entire Christian Church in America is struggling to keep our young people active in worship and growth of their faith. No one denomination can claim to have a handle on this matter because we are all struggling. Our culture shares in the blame because we have over-valued technology, recreation and work which feed our selfishness, greed and independence. Our western world has had it too good for so long that our children don’t know hardship or what it is to really be in need. We have lost sight of God’s role in our lives because we think that it all depends upon us and that we are in control. (from Rev. Adair, St. Paul, Pipestone)
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