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Prophet Summary: Hosea 11-14

by PastorWilliams on September 25th, 2016


HOSEA 11-14

In chapter 11, God reminds Israel of His love for them. After all the horrible calamities that have been prophesied, God spends a moment declaring His love once again. He spends this chapter prophesying Israel’s return from exile because God will lead them back. This can be seen in reading the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

In chapter 12, God reminds Israel of their deception even in their forefather Jacob in his mother’s womb. Jacob wrestled with Esau in the womb, both trying to be the firstborn (Genesis 25:21-26). When Esau won that battle, Jacob sought to avenge his loss and claim the birthright (Genesis 27). He also then wrestled with God for a blessing (Genesis 32:22-32). Centuries later, Jacob’s descendants of the Northern Kingdom were doing the same things with God’s Word.

In chapter 13, although Israel’s sin continued to increase through the years, God still refers to Himself as their God. He brought them out of Egypt and they wandered away. They believed themselves to be self-sufficient, but they truly need to see their dependency on Him for everything.

In chapter 14, Israel is encouraged to repent of their sins and seek God’s forgiveness. God will completely forgive their sins and heal them. God calls them to be wise and discerning so they will see the righteousness of His way.

Read Hosea 11-14 at least once this week.

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