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Prophet Summary: Micah 1-2

by PastorWilliams on January 1st, 2017



The prophet Micah was from Moresheth, which was in the land taken by the Israelites from the Philistines around Gath. He prophesies in the Southern Kingdom, but he prophesies about Samaria and Jerusalem. Micah and Isaiah were contemporaries.

The first chapter has the prophecy of the great destruction coming upon both kingdoms because of their sins. Micah’s prophecies occur around the same time that Assyria invades and exiles the Northern Kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Ahaz of Judah.

In the second chapter, Micah prophesies that the destruction prophesied in the first chapter will be complete and unavoidable. This is not only for the sins of the people but also those who oppress the ones who try to bring God’s Word to the people.

Read at least Micah 1-2 at least once this week.

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