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Prophet Summary: Micah 3

by PastorWilliams on January 8th, 2017



Micah turns his prophecy in chapter 3 toward the tyrannical kings of Israel and Judah. This prophecy is very likely done in Ahaz’s reign over Judah and during Pekah and Hoshea’s reigns over Israel. This was a dark time for both kingdoms as the kings and their advisors “hate the good and love the evil” (v2). The common people were treated no better than slaves for the whims of their rulers.

But one day the LORD will hear their cries. Their cries will come to Him and He will answer them. However, they are beset by false prophets whose god is their belly and prophesy peace as long as they have food in their belly.

Dark days would be coming as God would remove His Word from them. They will only hear the Law’s judgment against their sins because they refuse to repent of them.

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