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Quote: Herman Sasse on Infant Baptism

by PastorWilliams on February 10th, 2017

It is the height of senselessness for the sentiments of the modern man when, in Luther’s Little Baptismal Book and in the old agendas of our Church, the child continues to be asked whether it forsakes the devil, if it will be baptized according to its faith, and if it will affirm the question: “Will you be baptized?” But it is not merely avowed liturgical conservatism or even thoughtlessness when the Church for nearly two thousand years has thus baptized infants as though they were adults, as though they could already confess with the mouth and believe with the heart. This is not hte “as though” of mere fiction. It is much rather conntected with the eschatological “as though” of the Sacrament of Baptism. God views us in Baptism as people whjo have already died and been raised, put to death with His beloved Son on Golgotha and raised from the dead on Easter morning. Thus he already views us as such who already believe, the poorest, weakest little child which we bring to Holy Baptism in “the understanding and hope that it will believe” in a way no different from a Basil, an Ambrose, or an Augustine, who as grown men and conscious Christians came to Baptism.
–Herman Sasse, “Circular Letter 4 to Westphalian Pastors”, The Lonely Way: Selected Essays and Letters II:158-159.

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