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Bulletin for the Sixth Sunday after Epiphany (February 12, 2017)

by PastorMinton on February 15th, 2017


February 12, 2017

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

ORDER OF WORSHIP – Prayer & Preaching (page 260)

PSALM – 119:1-8 (ALEPH)

HYMNS – 400, 394, 921

SERMON TEXT – Deuteronomy 30 . . . Life & Blessing, Death & Curse

TODAY’S ACOLYTE – Stevie Ahlschlager

Welcome to all visitors and members. Visitors are also encouraged to sign the guest book in the entry.


From the Church Fathers: (Gregory of Nazianzus, On the Son 4.3)

Next is the fact of His being called Servant and serving many well, and that it is a great thing for Him to be called the Child of God. For in truth He was in servitude to flesh and to birth and to the conditions of our life with a view to our liberation, and to that of all those whom He has saved, who were in bondage under sin. What greater destiny can befall humanity’s humble state than that it should be intermingled with God and by this intermingling should be deified, and that we should be so visited by the Dayspring from on high, that even that holy thing that should be born should be called the Son of the Highest, and that there should be bestowed on Him a name that is above every name? And what else can this be than God?–and that every knee should bow to Him that was made of no reputation for us, and that mingled the form of God with the form of a servant, and that “all the house of Israel should know that God has made Him both Lord and Christ”? For all this was done by the action of the Begotten and by the good pleasure of Him that begat Him.

DORCAS SOCIETY KITCHEN SHOWER will take place throughout the month of Feb. Items needed include: Paper towels, regular coffee, hot chocolate (milk chocolate, preferably the big can, not packets), coutrytime lemonad mix, styrofoam dinner plates (used for funerals), styrofoam salad plates, styrofoam cups (we are down to only 1 pack). Items not needed: Decaf coffee, dish soap, napkins. Thanks in advance!

THERE ARE STILL A COUPLE glass pans in the kitchen from the Cookie Sale. If you are missing a glass pan, come take a look!

MEMBER INFORMATION NEEDED for some who have died in the past. Rev. Brech has researched all the funeral and burial records from the congregation during the last year. He has a list of people with little to no information. That list is posted on the bulletin board. He would like to have this project done by our 75th Anniversary Celebration.

‘PROTECTING YOUR MINISTRY’ is the topic of the Pipestone Circuit Elders Workshop at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Pipestone on Saturday, March 4, from 9:00AM to 12Noon. It is opened to all lay members of our congregation and deals with the challenges of Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality in a post-Christian society. It also will provide information to help us protect our church against lawsuits while maintaining our biblical teachings. Guest presenter is Rev. Fredric Hinz, assistant to the President of MN-S District. A light lunch follows.


Wednesday – Bible Study, 10a; Holland Devotions, 4p

Wednesday – Confirmation – Holland, 4:30; Trinity, 6p

Wednesday – Choir, 7p

Saturday – Diakonia Colloquium @ Immanuel, Lakefield, 9a-3p

Next Sunday – Circuit Forum @ St. Paul, Pipestone, 2p


General Fund – $2445 Missions – $59 Attendance – 53

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