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Bulletin for March 26, 2017 (Fourth Sunday in Lent)

by PastorMinton on March 26th, 2017


March 26, 2017 Rev. Doug Minton, Pastor

Fourth Sunday in Lent 836-8129 or 836-6643


ORDER OF WORSHIP – Matins (page 219)

with Responsive Prayer 1 (p. 282)

PSALM – 142

HYMNS – 697, 411, 841

SERMON TEXT – Walk as Children of the Light . . . Ephesians 5

TODAY’S ACOLYTE – Gabriel Minton

Welcome to all visitors and members. Visitors are also encouraged to sign the guest book in the entry.


From the Confessions: (Ap II 15-22)

We have not said anything new. The ancient definition of original sin, understood correctly, says precisely the same thing. “Original sin is the absence of original righteousness.” But what is righteousness? Here the scholastics wrangle over philosophical questions. They do not explain what original righteousness is. In the Scriptures, righteousness consists not only in obeying the Second Table of the Ten Commandments, but also the First Table, which teaches about fearing God, faith, and loving God. Therefore, original righteousness includes not only physical health in all ways, as they contend, but also these gifts: a sure and certain knowledge of God, fear of God, confidence in God, and the desire and ability to give God these things. Scripture testifies to this when it says in Genesis 1:27 that man was made in the image and likeness of God. What else was this image and likeness other than that man was created with wisdom and righteousness so that he could apprehend God and reflect God? Mankind was given the gifts of knowing God, fearing God, and being confidence in God. This is how Irenaeus and Ambrose interpret the likeness to God. Ambrose not only says many things to this effect, but especially declares, “That soul is not, therefore, in the image of God, in which God is not [dwelling] at all times.” Paul shows Ephesians 5:9 and Colossians 3:10 that the image of God is the knowledge of God, righteousness, and truth. Lombard is not afraid to say that original righteousness “is the very likeness to God which God implanted in man.” We recount the opinions of the ancients, which in no way interfere with Augustine’s interpretation of the image.

DORCAS SOCIETY meets Thursday, April 6 at 7pm. The topic is from the Spring LWML Quarterly, pp. 22-23, entitled “Looking for God Goggles.” Bring your Bibles in case you want to make notes in them or refresh your memory on notes you might have taken in the past.

FUNERAL SERVICE for Dolores Leckband, wife of Rev. Royce Leckband, former vacancy pastor at Trinity, is scheduled for tomorrow, March 27, at Immanuel, Lakefield, at 10:30am. Visitation is 5-7pm this evening at the church.

TRINITY is celebrating its 75th ANNIVERSARY on Sunday, June 25, 2017. Do you have any memorabilia you would like to share at our celebration? It can be pictures, a bulletin or whatever. Remember, 75 years has lots of memories! Please notify Phyllis M or Gail B. Be sure to put your name on it so it can be returned to you.

HOLY WEEK is only two weeks away!! As we approach the most holy of days, Jesus’ message continues to grow deeper as His Passion looms near. Everyone is encouraged to be in attendance to worship during the extra services that week:

April 9 – Palm Sunday with Confirmation, 9am

April 13 – Maundy Thursday Divine Service, 5pm (Holland) & 7pm (Trinity)

April 14 – Good Friday Main Service, 3pm (Holland)

April 14 – Good Friday Tenebrae Vespers, 7pm (Trinity)

April 16 – Easter Breakfast, 7:30am (Trinity)

April 16 – Easter Divine Service, 6:30 & 9am (Trinity) & 11am (Holland)

FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY has been transferred to TODAY. Coffee and treats will be available in the narthex after the service.


Wednesday – Bible Class, 10a

Wednesday – Trinity Confirmation, 6p

Wednesday – Lenten Responsive Prayer, 7p

Thursday – Holland Devotions, 4p; Confirmation, 4:30p

Thursday – Holland Responsive Prayer, 6p


Current $1594 Missions $25 Attendance – 55

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