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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 12 (Sura 11.1-12.52)

by PastorWilliams on June 7th, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ramadan 12

Today’s Text: Sura 11.1-12.52 (, pages 118-129)

Sura 11, Hud

Although Hud is only briefly mentioned (11.50-60), this Sura is named after him. Hud is supposedly the Islamic equivalent of Eber, mentioned in the genealogies of Noah in Genesis 10 and 11. Eber was Noah’s great-grandson through his son Arpachshad (Genesis 10:22-24). Hud was sent to the ‘Ad people in southern Arabia. ‘Ad was a very prosperous people until they were destroyed for not listening to Hud’s preaching (11.60).

Surrounding Hud’s narrative, the various prophets between Noah and Moses are given their stories: Noah (25-49), Hud (50-60), Salih (61-68), Abraham (69-76), Lot (77-83), Shu’aib (84-95), Moses (96-132). It is interesting to note that Moses and Noah receive the most attention in the narratives. The connection has to be made between the Flood and the Red Sea. None of the other Messengers had such signs.

Sura 12, Yusuf (Joseph)

In the Qur’an, Joseph tells his father Jacob about his dream with the stars. Jacob warns him not to tell his brothers because Satan will stir them up against him (12.4-5; cf. Genesis 37:9-11). Mohamed expands the story from Genesis 37 by adding great amounts of dialogue between Joseph’s brothers while they determined their course of action with him (12.8-14). They eventually land on the plan that is seen in Genesis, but it happens in reverse order. In the Qur’an, they deliver Joseph’s blood-stained coat before they sell him, “for a miserable price,” to a caravan of travelers (12.16-20).

While in Egypt, Joseph is bought by Aziz (Potiphar) and his wife attempts to seduce him, but Joseph is able to convince him that his wife was slandering him. However, Joseph elects to place himself in prison after his mistress puts on quite the performance at a dinner (12.22-35). Joseph’s prison life goes the way it does in Genesis including Pharaoh’s dream of cows and corn.

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