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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 15 (Sura 17-18)

by PastorWilliams on June 10th, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ramadan 15

Today’s Text: Sura 17-18 (, pages 150-163)

Sura 17, “al-Isra” (The Israelites)

This Sura begins with the relation of Mohammed’s miraculous night journey from Mecca (the Sacred Mosque) to Jerusalem (the Farthest Mosque). This journey is miraculous in that it is 769 miles in a straight line between Mecca and Jerusalem. Allah gave Mohamed this journey so that he would see greater signs (17.1). Signs given to the Israelites through the Torah. Twice they would fall into mischief (17.4): the Babylonian exile (586 BC) and the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans (70 AD).

In a vision on this journey, Mohamed receives a vision of Judgment Day. Every person will given an account for their deeds by reading the record of their lives (17.13-14; cf. Romans 14:12).

Also, the establishment of the five required times for daily prayer are given (17.78-79; cf. Psalm 119:164). The regulations over prayers has been a source of devotion for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike throughout history.

Sura 18, “al-Kahf” (The Cave)

Allah supposedly revealed the Qur’an to Mohamed in a cave. This Sura, whose name is taken from a legend about the Companions of the Cave, speaks about testing faith. The youth who were placed in the cave in the legend were experiencing a testing of their faith. This legend could have arisen from any of the ascetic “desert fathers” of the Church. Especially in the times of great distress and persecution, many went out into the desert to live as hermits to avoid the stresses and tribulations of living in a sinful world. Some of these saints are given more honor than others, depending upon the stories that have arisen about them.

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