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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 19 (Sura 25.21-27.35)

by PastorWilliams on June 14th, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ramadan 19

Today’s Text: Sura 25.21-27.35 (, pages 195-206)

Sura 25, “al-Furqan” (The Criterion)

As Allah hands down the Criterion, he takes aim at a few of the most ancient doctrines of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Allah claims he created man from water (25.54) even though everywhere else Adam was created from dirt, mud or clay (6.2; 15.26-33; 18.37; 22.5; 23.12; 32.7; 35.11; 37.11; 38.71-72; 40.67; 55.14).

One of the things that Allah continues to be repulsed by the idea of a God who dies (25.58). Muslims are called to worship Allah, the one true God, a God who cannot die.

Through Sharia law, Allah’s special revelation of the Law in the Qur’an, one must repent, believe and work righteousness in order to be eligible for the Gardens of Paradise (25.70-75). Those who do not do these things cannot be saved.

Sura 26, “ash-Shu’araa” (The Poets)

As the “Verses of the Book that makes (things) clear” (26.2), Allah declares that the Muslims need not worry over the souls of Unbelievers. Allah could make them believe, but it is his will that they don’t believe (26.3-4). The Sura retreats the stories of Moses, Abraham, Noah, ‘Ad, Thamud, Lot and the Companions of the Wood that have been recited throughout the Qur’an since Sura 7.

Sura 27, “al-Namal” (The Ants)

Under the influence of the Ebionite Church, Mohamed held the Testament of Solomon in high regard. In verse 17 of this Sura, Mohamed speaks of Solomon’s power over man, birds and jinn (demons). This is only recorded in the pseudepigraphical (“false writings”) literature that circulated in the intertestamental period and afterwards. This literature was greatly influenced by biblical characters. Most of them seek to answer questions of things that are omitted in the biblical record. While they are entertaining reading, there is very little in them that is useful for the faith. If anyone is interested, I own the critical edition of the Pseudepigrapha. I am willing to loan the two-volume set out.

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