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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 25 (Sura 41.47-45.37)

by PastorMinton on June 20th, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ramadan 25

Today’s Text: Sura 41.47-45.37 (, pages 262-273)

Sura 41, “Ha-Mim Sajda” or “Fussilat” (Explained in Detail)

The last few verses of the Sura read today speak of Allah showing his mercy to those who have refused to believe. They will continue to disbelieve even after a message from God (cf. Luke 16:27-31).

Sura 42, “Shura” (Consultation)

Allah claims that Islam is the original religion of the great Prophets, including Adam, Noah and Abraham. “Selfish envy” separated the different religions from each other (42.14).

Sura 43, “az-Zukhruf” (The Gold Adornments)

Allah compares his Messengers to trinkets that are brought together from the spoils of war. In this case, none of the trinkets are any better than another. Therefore Jesus is no greater than any of the other Prophets (43.59). Jesus as the Son of God is babbling and vanity to Muslims (43.81-83).

There is the idea in 43.60 that people become angels when they die. This passage makes this idea seem to be an ancient false teaching that is still prevalent in American Christianity today.

Sura 44, “ad-Dukham” (The Smoke or Mist)

This short Sura has very little to add to our understanding of Islam. It truly seems to be a Sura of smoke or mist that has no weight.

Sura 45, “al-Jathiya” (Bowing the Knee)

People often wonder why God created the earth: Was He lonely? Did He want to show off? Was He curious what would happen to it afterward? These questions are tongue-in-cheek, but the wonder is clearly shown. Allah declares that he created the heavens and the earth for judgment (45.22). Allah declares his judgment based on the deeds done.

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