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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 26 (Sura 46.1-51.30)

by PastorWilliams on June 21st, 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ramadan 26

Today’s Text: Sura 46.1-51.30 (, pages 273-285)

Sura 46, “al-Ahqaf” (The Winding Sand-tracts)

As a person overcome by the heat of the desert wanders around following after delusions, the Qur’an continues to go back and forth over the status of the People of the Book and the Books that had been written previously (46.12). In fact, Allah says that the jinn (demons) were used as Messengers (46.29).

Once again, Allah is symmetrical in his rewards and his punishments. There are varying degrees of glory in Heaven and punishment in Hell due to the deeds done in the body (46.19).

Sura 47, “Mohamed” (The Prophet)

In this Sura named after the Mohamed, there is the only guarantee for entrance into the Gardens: dying in jihad (47.4-6). Mohamed describes the Gardens as having rivers of milk and honey, like the Promised Land of Canaan (Exodus 3:8). It also has rivers of wine, which is forbidden in this world but an abundant blessing in the next (47.15).

Sura 48, “al-Fat-h” (The Victory)

This Sura tells Muslims that they are an unstoppable army in Allah’s service. They will not be turned aside in their battles against the Unbelievers. How crushing it must have been for the Ottoman Empire to be dissected after World War I by the joint ventures of Believers revolting in the Middle East and Unbelievers among the English, Russians and Eastern Europeans!

Sura 49, “al-Hujurat” (The Inner Apartments)

This short Sura encourage Muslims to listen to Mohamed and use their inside voices when they speak with him and one another.

Sura 50, “Qaf”

This Sura continues the ongoing theme of judgment in the Qur’an. Allah gives the picture of an angel and a demon sitting on each person’s shoulders, recording their actions (50.17). In this picture, they are only observers. They do not utter a single word as they are only watchers (50.18).

Sura 51, “adh-Dhariyat” (The Winds That Scatter)

Faithful Muslims who are accounted as righteous by Allah are those who faithfully follow the five pillars of Islam throughout their lives (51.15-19).

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