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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 27 (Sura 51.31-57.29)

by PastorWilliams on June 22nd, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ramadan 27

Today’s Text: Sura 51.31-57.29 (, pages 285-298)

Sura 51, “adh-Dhariyat” (The Winds That Scatter)

As we pick up in this Sura, Allah describes Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction as a sign of punishment for being “deep in sin” (51.31.37). This is a reason for Allah’s great ire against those who oppose his Messengers because he created men and jinn (demons) for the sole purpose of worshipping him (51.56).

Sura 52, “at-Tur” (The Mount)

The Mount of Revelation shows Heaven as ruling with Allah on thrones “arranged in ranks” as well as a large family (52.20-21). The Sura takes its name from Mount Sinai, where God revealed the Law to Moses (Exodus 19-34).

Sura 53, “an-Najm” (The Star)

The last half of this Sura is almost a credal statement of Allah’s covenant with Abraham in Genesis (53.33-62). It alludes to many of the narratives in Abraham’s life.

Sura 54, “al-Qamar” (The Moon)

Those who defy Allah’s warnings will be judged harshly and given their full recompense.

Sura 55, “Rahman” (God, The Most Gracious)

Allah is seen as Rahman, “Most Gracious.” This is a title that is exclusively used in the Qur’an for Allah. Christians, especially Roman Catholics, are derided by Muslims for using this title, or its equivalent Rampan, when addressing their pastors.

As part of Allah’s graciousness, the maidens promised in the Gardens will be untouched by men or jinn (55.56). They will be chaste virgins who will be for the pleasure of the righteous. The mention of jinn as having not touched them refers back to the Nephilim before the Flood (Genesis 6:4).

Sura 56, “al-Waqi’a” (The Inevitable Event)

Judgment Day will come. It is the inevitable event. No matter how much people refuse to believe in a time of judgment by Allah, it will not change the fact that it is coming. It is coming soon.

Sura 57, “al-Hadid” (The Iron)

With his fist of iron, Allah declares himself to be “the First and the Last” (57.3; cf. Revelation 22:13). His word is inalterable and unquestionable. The reward of paradise and destruction are given in parable form very similar to Jesus’ Parable of the Virgins (57.12-15; cf. Matthew 25:1-13).

While Allah’s word is inalterable, he revealed things in an ascending order. Before the Qur’an was proclaimed and published, Jesus’ Gospel was the greatest book Allah had given to mankind. However, he took his word away from them because of the monasticism they had invented for themselves (57.27). Again, Allah points out that Jesus is very important to Muslims, but he gets outweighed by Mohamed because Mohamed’s followers kept his word pure.

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