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Qur’an Study: Ramadan 29 (Sura 67-77)

by PastorWilliams on June 24th, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ramadan 29

Today’s Text: Sura 67-77 (, pages 309-323)

Sura 67, “al-Mulk” (The Dominion)

Allah declares his dominion over all things because he created all things. He claims that he created life and death as tests for believers (67.2). The Seven Heavens were created for those who do well with their lives (67.3). Hell was created for those who reject Allah (67.6).

Sura 68, “al-Qalam” (The Pen)

Allah goes through the Writings given to all the generations where he has revealed his word. Jonah is cited as an example of man’s disobedience and Allah’s grace (68.48-50). Allah has grace available for those whom he deems worthy.

Sura 69, “al-Haqqa” (The Sure Reality)

The one Sure Reality in Islam is Judgment Day. In this Sura, Allah goes through the various judgments on different generations so that they may serve as examples for the following generations (69.10-18; cf. 1 Corinthians 10:1-13).

Sura 70, “al-Ma’arij” (The Ways of Ascent)

There is a span of 50,000 years for the judgment (70.4-7). But when does it start? Unbelievers use this to say they have time to repent. Believers hold to an imminent judgment. Many interpretations come to us even from Islamic sources when compared to Sura 22.47 and 32.5. Both of these state that a day is like 1000 years (cf. 2 Peter 3:8). What does it mean? Most agree with the idea that there will be 50,000 years between Creation and Judgment Day.

All will not be able to enter into the Gardens. Some people were created evil, out of the base matter (70.36-39). This Sura shows Islam’s great dependance on Gnostic dualism. Dualism claims that the world is ruled by two equal and opposite forces—one good and one evil. This is one of the ways Islam tries to answer the question, “Why are some saved and not others?”

Sura 71, “Nuh” (Noah)

Noah was sent to his people in order to warn them of the Flood. They disobeyed his warning.

Sura 72, “al-Jinn” (The Spirits)

The jinn (devils) will be saved if they return and submit their wills to Allah (72.1-2).

Sura 73, “al-Muzzammil” (Folded in Garments)

Allah is merciful to those who fulfill the five pillars of Islam (73.20).

Sura 74, “al-Muddaththir” (The One Wrapped Up)

This Sura continues Sura 73 for those wrapped up in prayer.

Sura 75, “al-Qiyamat” (The Resurrection)

The resurrection of the dead is as sure as the creation of life in the womb.

Sura 76, “ad-Dahr” (Time)

Allah demands worship because he was here before time began.

Sura 77, “al-Mursalat” (Those Sent Forth)

Allah calls to remembrance all the warnings he has given to mankind. Judgment is coming and everything will be sorted out.

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