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Mormon Monday: Structure of the Book of Mormon

by PastorWilliams on January 15th, 2018

Our first episode on Mormon Mondays involves the Structure of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is supposedly based off of six sets of plates of various metals and lengths. These issues help to understand the problems with the text of the Book of Mormon. Notes are based on times when they took a breath in their discussions.



8:05 – Are the plates for the Book of Mormon the same as the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts? There are six sets of plates that have various portions of the Book of Mormon. They make a big deal about the distinction between point of view (1st person vs 3rd person) between the first third and the last two-thirds.

12:18 – What happened to the stolen original manuscript? God told Joseph Smith to forget about it. This stolen manuscript, also called the Spalding manuscript, was taken from the larger plates of Nephi. The brass plates were stolen from the Jerusalem Temple by Lehi and his sons.

18:00 – Nephi’s second, smaller set of plates were created to cover the fact that part of Joseph Smith’s original translation would be stolen and be used to try to disprove Mormonism. Thankfully this second, more concise record had been kept of all the things that happened to the people of Lehi (Nephi’s father) in North America. The fact that the Book of Mormon has no internal contradictions PROVES that the Book of Mormon is truly a revelation from God.

22:50 – The Words of Mormon is used to explain the previously-noted difference between the records before it in the Book of Mormon and those after. No wonder we have a book dating from 385 AD in the midst of 130 BC. Very tidily tucked together by use of these various plates throughout history. However, it would be wonderful if we had physical evidence of ANY of these plates (including those used by Joseph Smith). And this all helps to declare the Mormon doctrine of individual agency, or works-righteousness.

26:37 – The Book of Mormon is “Christ-centered to a fault”? It is definitely very concerned with the salvation of the people through the coming Christ. The Christ is mentioned quite often throughout the Book of Mormon, especially in the centuries before His appearance to the descendants of Nephi.

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