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Mormon Monday: Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon

by PastorWilliams on January 15th, 2018

How did we get the current text of the Book of Mormon? How did Joseph Smith obtain the golden plates? How did he translate them so easily?

6:22 – We begin with a general history lesson on Joseph Smith and the recovering of the Book of Mormon. This would be the Small Plates of Nephi, the Words of Mormon and Mormon’s abridgment of Nephi’s Large Plates. Joseph Smith receives a couple of visions, on the same day three years apart. The history that Joseph Smith gives, which is also contained in the Pearl of Great Price, shows that he firmly believed in the theology of glory. And, of course, how convenient that this lost record was very near his own home.

8:00 – The usage of the Urim and Thummim (from Aaron’s breastplate) to translate the plates. Were these stolen along with the Brass Plates of Jerusalem?

12:09 – Our Mormon scholars give great praise to the angel Moroni for his Scripture quotations. Of course, there are varying differences in the various accounts over the first couple of decades of Mormon history. All the Scriptures quoted were about the Latter Days.

16:56 – Multiple visions of Moroni over a six or seven-hour time frame that allows for a “fire hose” of teaching. Which of the Prophets were readily believed among their own family?

22:39 – Joseph Smith reports to the hill where the gold plates were hidden. He was not allowed to take the plates at first. He must learn to obey the commandments of the Lord. As a young man of seventeen, he was unable to retrieve them until he was twenty-one. He was told to come back to the hill every year on the same date until Moroni allowed him to retrieve them. The issue of covetousness and the temptation to greed kept him from being able to retrieve the plates.

25:55 – Once Joseph Smith was able to retrieve the plates, he was not able to remain in place because the news of his adventures to the hill had spread throughout the area. The stories surrounding the plates and the beginning of the Mormon movement are quite harrowing and are so that we might give them more credence. But I ask again, where are the plates now?

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