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Translation: 1 Maccabees 13:41-48

by PastorWilliams on September 4th, 2012

41 In the one hundred seventieth year, the yoke of the nations was removed from Israel, 42 and the people began to write in the documents and the contracts, “In the first year of the Great High Priest Simon and of the leader and commander of the Jews.”

43 In those days he encamped against Gazara and surrounded it with his army. He made a siege engine and approached the city and crushed and captured one tower. 44 And those in the siege engine went out into the city, and there was a great commotion in the city. 45 And those in the city went up with the women and the children on the wall tearing their clothes and crying out with a great voice, asking Simon to give them peace1. 46 They said, “Do not pronounce against us according to our evil, but according to your mercy.” 47 And Simon released them and did not make war against them; and he cast them out of the city, and cleansed the houses, in which there were idols, and thus he entered it with hymns and praise. 48 Then he cast out of it all uncleanness and settled men in her the men, those who did the Law. He fortified it and built for himself in it a house.

1Lit, “asking Simon to hand over their right hand.”

From → OT Apocrypha

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