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Translation: 1 Maccabees 14:24-49

by PastorWilliams on September 19th, 2012

24 After these things, Simon sent Noumenios to Rome, having a large golden shield worth a thousand minas, so that an alliance might be established.

25 And as the people heard these words, they said, “What greeting did we give Simon and his sons? 26 For he and his brothers and his father’s house were established and made war against Israel’s enemies from them and stood in their liberty.” And they wrote on bronze tablets and set on pillars in Mount Zion. 27 And this is a copy of the writing:

27b “On the eighteenth day of Eloul in the one hundred seventy-second year – and this is the third years of great priest Simon in Asaramel – 28 in the great assembly of the priests and people and princes of the nations and the presbyters of the country has been reported to us; 29 since often there have been wars in the country, and Simon son of Mattathius the priest of the sons of Joarib and his brothers gave them to the dangers and resisted the enemies of their nation, just as their sanctuary and their law was established, and with great glory their nation has been glorified. 30 Then Jonathan gathered together their nation and became their high priest and was added to his people, 31 and their enemies were cast out to dwell in their own country and to stretch out their hand against their sanctuary; 32 then Simon rose and made war against his enemies and spent much of his own gold and armed the mighty men of his nation and gave them provisions 33 and fortified the cities of Judea and Baithsura on the borders of Judea, where the enemies’ armor had been before, and set there a garrison of Jewish men. 34 And he fortified Joppa on the sea and Gazara on the border of Azotus, in which the armies previously had dwelled, and he settled Jews there, and whatever was necessary for them to repair, he gave to them. 35 When the people saw Simon’s faith and glory, which we shied to do for his nation, they set him as their ruler and high priest because he had done these things and the righteousness and the faith, which he kept in mind for his nation, and he sought out in every place to exalt his people. 36 And in his days he prospered in his hands so that the nations were taken out of their country and those in the city of David, in Jerusalem, which he made a tower for them, out of which they went out and polluted surrounding the sanctuary and made great hurt in the pure place. 37 And he caused to dwell in it Jewish men and  fortified it for the safety of the country and the city and exalted Jerusalem’s wall. 38 And King Demetrius established him in the high priesthood according to these things 39 and made him his friend and glorified him with great glory. 40 For he heard that the Jews were addressed by the Romans friends and allies and brothers, and that they welcomed Simon’s presbyters gloriously, 41 and that the Jews and the priests rejoiced for Simon to be their governor and high priest forever, until a faithful prophet should arise, 42 and to be a commander over them, in like manner it remained to him concerning the sanctuary to be established it through him over his works and over the country and over the tools and over the fortresses, 43 and in like manner it remained to him concerning the sanctuary, and in like manner to be heard by all, and in like manner the writings in his own name to all be written together in the country, and in like manner to be clothed in purple and gold; 44 and it should not be lawful either by the people and the priests to break these things and to say against his words and to gather together an assembly in the country against him and to be clothed in purple and wear a buckle of gold; 45 but whoever does these things or break any of these things, he will be punished. 46 And all the people were well-pleased to deal with Simon to do according to these words. 47 And Simon accepted and was well-pleased to be high priest and to be a commander and the ethnarch of the Jews and of the priests and to rule them all. 48 And this writing said to be put in brass tablets and to put them in the sanctuary’s enclosure in a conspicuous place, 49 but their copy to be put in the treasury, so that Simon and his sons might have them.

From → OT Apocrypha

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