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Translation: 1 Maccabees 15:1-14

by PastorWilliams on September 21st, 2012

1 Then Antiochus son of King Demetrius sent an epistle from the islands of the sea to Simon the priest and ethnarch of the Jews and to all the nation, 2 and these are the contents:

2b “King Antiochus to Simon, the Great Priest and ethnarch, and to the Jewish nation, greeting. 3 For as some pestilent men have usurped the kingdom of our fathers, but I wish to contend for the kingdom, so that I might restore it as it was before, and I have gathered together foreign soldiers and prepared ships for war, 4 and I wish to depart through the country, so that I might avenge those who have destroyed our country and those who made many cities desolate in my kingdom. 5 Now, therefore, I establish to you all the oblations that the kings before me had given to you, and whatever other gifts also given to you. 6 And I will allow you to make your own coins, lawful in your country, 7 Jerusalem and also the sanctuary will be free; and all the armor which you have furnished, and the fortresses which have been built, being kept, let them remain to you. 8 And everything owed or will be owed to the king from now on and to the end of time let it be forgiven you; 9 and whoever we have kept our kingdom, we will glorify you and your nation and the Temple with great glory so that your glory may be manifested in all the land.”

10 In the one hundred seventy-fourth year, Antiochus came out into his fathers’ land, and all the mighty men came with him so that there were few with Tryphon. 11 When Antiochus crushed him, he came to Dora fleeing by the sea; 12 for he saw that the evil men were gathered together again to him, and the mighty men forsook him. 13 When Antiochus encamped against Dora, with him twelve myriads of warriors and eight thousand horses. 14 And he surrounded the city, and the ships from the sea were joined, and he oppressed the city from the land and the sea, and he did not allow anyone to go out nor to come in.

From → OT Apocrypha

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