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Translation: 1 Maccabees 15:15-24

by PastorWilliams on September 27th, 2012

15 When Noumenius and those with him came from Rome having an epistle to the rulers and to those in the country, in which he wrote this:

16 “Lucius of the Roman Senate to King Ptolemy, greeting. 17 Our brothers, the presbyters of Judea, have come to us renewing the previous friendship and alliance, being sent from High Priest Simon and the people of Judea, 18 and they brought a golden shield of one thousand pounds. 19 Therefore it seemed right to us to write to the kings and the countries so that they might not seek evil against them and might not war against them and their cities and their country, and that they might not ally themselves to war against them. 20 But it was glorious to us to receive the shield from them. 21 Therefore, if any pestilent people, having fled out of their country to you, hand them over to High Priest Simon, so that they might punish them according to their law.”

22 And Demetrius wrote these things to the king and to Attalos, Ariarathos and Arsakos, 23 and to all the countries and to Sampsamos, the Spartans, Delos, Mundos, Sikounos, Karias, Samos, the Pamphilians, Lycia, Halkarnassus, Rhodes, Phaselidos, Kos, Sidon, Arados, Gortunas, Knidos, Cyprus and Cyrene. 24 And a copy of these things he wrote to High Priest Simon.

From → OT Apocrypha

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