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Translation: 1 Maccabees 15:25-41

by PastorWilliams on September 28th, 2012

25 Then King Antiochus encamped against Dora in the second month, attacking it continually, the hands and making machines and he shut up Tryphon from going out and coming in. 26 And Simon sent to him two thousand chosen men to ally with him and silver and gold and sufficient provisions. 27 And he did not wish to receive them, but he broke everything that he had made with him formerly, and alienated him. 28 Then he sent to him Athenobius, one of his friends, having communion with him, saying, “You have prevailed over Joppa and Gazara and the tower in Jerusalem, cities of my kingdom. 29 Their borders you opened and made a great hurt in the land, and have gotten dominion over many places in my kingdom. 30 Now, therefore, hand over the cities, which you have taken, and the tributes of the places, being you have given authority outside the borders of Judea. 31 And if not, give against them five hundred talents of silver and the destruction with which you have destroyed and the tribute of the cities another five hundred talents; but if not, we will come and fight against you. 32 When Athenobius, the king’s friend, came into Jerusalem and saw Simon’s glory and the drinking cup with gold and silver and the considerable position, he was astonished and reported to him the king’s words. 33 And Simon answered and said to him, “We have taken neither a foreigner’s land nor have we taken what belongs to another, but the inheritance of our fathers’, and from our enemies had wrongfully taken for a time; 34 and we, having opportunity, have taken the inheritance of our fathers. 35 But concerning Joppa and Gazara, which you have claimed, they did great harm among our people and our country, for these we will give one hundred talents.” 36 And he did not answer him a word, and he returned with a rage to the king and reported to him these words and Simon’s glory and everything that he saw, and the king was enraged with great rage.

37 Meanwhile, Tryphon fled by ship to Orthosias. 38 And the king established Kendebaius as captain of the sea coast and gave him mighty footmen and horses; 39 and he commanded him to remove toward Judea and he commanded him to build up Kedron and to fortify the gates and thus to war against the people; but the king himself pursued Tryphon. 40 And Kendebaius came to Jamnia and began to provoke the people and to invade Judea and to take the people prisoners and to slay them. 41 And he built up Kedron and set horses and mighty men there, so that going out they might make outroads on the ways of Judea, just as the king commanded him.

From → OT Apocrypha

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