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Translation: 1 Maccabees 16:1-10

by PastorWilliams on November 24th, 2012

1 And John went up from Gazara and reported to Simon his father what had happened at Kendebaius. 2 And Simon called his two sons, the presbyters of Judea, and John and said to them, “I and my brothers and my father’s house have fought Israel’s wars from youth until today, and we have prospered by our hands to deliver Israel often; 3 but now, I have become old, and you but by great mercy you are in the years; become after me and my brother and going out fight for our nation, and Heaven’s help will be with you.” 4 Then he chose out of the country twenty thousand warriors and horses, and they went to Kendebaius and rested in Modein. 5 And rising the next day they went by foot, and behold many mighty men stood against them, foot-soldiers and horses, and there was a brook between them. 6 So he and his people encamped against them. When he saw the people afraid to cross the brook, he crossed first. Then the men saw him and crossed after him. 7 And he divided the people and the horses between the foot-soldiers, but the enemy’s horses were very many. 8 They sounded the trumpets, and Kendebaius and his army were put to flight, and there fell out of them many wounded; but those who remained fled into the stronghold. 9 Then John’s brother Judas was wounded, but John pursued them, until they came to Kedron, which [Kendebaius] had built. 10 Then they fled to the towers in the fields of Azotus, and they set them on fire, and there fell out of them two thousand men. Then they returned to Judea with peace.

From → OT Apocrypha

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