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Translation: 3 Maccabees 1:1-7

by PastorWilliams on October 11th, 2012

1 And Philopater, learning concerning the things that were brought back to himself that which had become by him who returned from the places taken by Antiochus, ordered all the mighty infantry soldiers and horsemen, and he sent with them his sister Arsinoe, and they marched out until the midst of the places of Raphias, where those with Antiochus had encamped. 2 Theodotos, seeking to fulfill the design he purposed, taking the those who had previously pledged their weapons to Ptolemais, these returning who came by night on Ptolemais’ tent as only he to be judged and in this to destroy the army. 3 And Dositheus son of Drimulon, by birth a Jew, but later rebelling against the laws and his fathers’ teachings, took this one across and made an obscure person lay down in his tent, which it was fitting to receive another’s chastisement. 4 And a fierce battle came to pass and those of the very great affair in Antiochus succeeded, Arsinoe went up and down the ranks of the mighty men, encouraging with disheveled hair and tears, having been destroyed to help themselves and their children and wives boldly, reporting to give those who were victorious each one two minas of gold. 5 And thus he stood beside the adversaries and destroyed them in hand-to-hand combat, and many were also taken as prisoners of war. 6 And they destroyed of the plot they judged to go to the neighboring cities to encourage them. 7 And doing this and giving gifts to their temples he inspired his subjects with confidence.

From → OT Apocrypha

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